Ok, so I admit it. I like to keep my house nice and cool because I am always hot. I can be outside for 2 minutes and I will start to sweat. Oh well, I still love living in the South. Anyway, I have been running the A/C at about 73 for the upstairs unit and 77 for the downstairs unit. I have a tri-level townhouse and the upper level is usually HOT and the first level is really cool. During the week while I am at work, I turn the upstairs unit up to 77 so it will not run all day. Apparently, this is not working as when I received my power bill today it was a shocking $165. Last month, it was only $85. I included about $120 (thinking this was plenty) in my July budget as I figured the bill would be a bit more than $85...I now need to rework my budget to account for the additional $45. First item that gets the cut.....the Entertainment fund.