I needed to pickup some items from Target the other day and happened to run into one of my friends at the store. We finished about the same time and went through the checkout together. I made it to the checkout first and while putting up my items to be checked, I pulled out a stack of coupons. My purchased totaled $109.77. After my stack of coupons, the total came to $99.44. As we were walking out to the parking lot my friend could not stop laughing. I thought I missed the joke so I asked what was so funny. His response? You pulled out a stack of coupons like a soccer mom. I failed to see the humor and asked why it was so funny. He said that only mom's and old ladies used coupons. I responded by saying, "why pay more than you have to?" His response was that he did not have time to cut coupons and that using coupons was very uncool. I did not continue the debate but as I got in my car, I thought about the $10 savings I could use to reduce my debt and I had to smile. Had I thought like him, I would have $10 less to add to my debt reduction.

I don't know if any of you out there cut coupons but I do it religiously. I takes me about 30 minutes every Sunday. I get my Sunday paper and pull out my scissors. I pull out all the coupons for items I purchase all the time. I cut them out and put them in an envelope. Before I go shopping, I make out my list and pull out the coupon envelope and see how much I can save.

One tip though...Don't cut coupons for things you were not planning to purchase in the first place. This will totally negate the savings on the other items and could possibly result in you spending more than you would have without the coupons.


  1. Chicky // July 9, 2007 at 8:15 AM  

    I absolutely appreciate people that use coupons. If a guy does it, that shows that he realizes coupons are just like having extra money in your hands. I don't subscribe to the Sunday paper (I read it online) but I get coupons from my parents when they don't use them, and through various flyers, promotions, and free papers in the mail. You can also purchase huge lots of coupons on eBay if you are really serious about it. I'm glad you took the healthy attitude toward your friend!