I have been a customer of ING Direct for about 5 years. I had actually forgotten about the account until I received a letter from them advising me that if I did not use the account, it would be closed. I used to have most of my money in this account until I found better rates elsewhere. I'd read a few blogs talking about their new checking account and figured I would check it out.

I really liked the account offerings and it was with a bank where I already had an account so opening the account was really easy. Head on over to ING Direct and check it out. The benefits of the account are as follows:

  • Mastercard Debit Card

  • Free ATM access at more than 32,000 locations

  • Send money for free with "Electric Checks"

  • Overdraft protection

  • Safe, Secure and Smart

  • Great Rates

  • No Fees

My debit card should be here in about 5-7 business days. I have initiated a link from my current checking account to the ING Direct account and once everything is setup, I will transfer my cash from my current bank to ING Direct. I will keep my local account open with a small balance because my they have my mortgages. That way, I can continue to E-Pay my mortgage payments by just transferring money from ING to SunTrust. I will also use my local account to deposit my monthly rent checks and then transfer to ING.

I've sent a referral email to all my friends. They get $25 for opening the account with a minimum of $250 and I get $10 for the referral. If you would like a referral, click here to email me. I will not sale your email address.