I made a post back in July regarding opening a new ING "Electric Orange" account. You can read that story here. One of the features of the account is unlimited free use of the Allpoint ATM network (found in most Target, BP and Costco stores). I've used the ATM network about 3-4 times already without any problems. I needed some cash the other day so I pulled into a BP and used the ATM. I verified this was an Allpoint ATM by the Allpoint label on the front. As I began my transaction, the screen asked if I wanted to pay the $2 fee. Per the Allpoint website, if a machine asks if I will accept the fee, select "yes" but the fee will not be charged. I selected yes but I was charged $2 anyway. I went online to the Allpoint website and filled out the online form for a refund. All the information they needed was on the ATM receipt. I received an email apologizing for the fee the next day and advised my $2 would be credited to my account within 2 business days. I logged onto my account the next day and the fee had been credited to my account. So far, this has been my only problem with the account and it was a minor one. They borrowed $2 from me for about 2 days but I am still loving the account! If this were to happen everytime I used an ATM I would rethink my decision about this being my primary account.

If you are interested in opening a new ING savings account or Electric Orange account, let me know and you can get a free $25 for each and I will get a $10 referral. You need to open the account with at least $250 in order to get the free money. You can email me here if you need a referral. I only need your email address and name and ING will handle the rest. I do not have access to any of your information once you open the account.


  1. Anonymous // January 17, 2009 at 3:04 PM  

    Very interesting. I wouldn't think that the refund would be that easy to get. I bet most people just forget about it and the banks make millions. Nice work!