According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Publix Supermarkets will start offering FREE antibiotics (up to a 14 day supply). This is in a move to compete with mass merchandisers (Wal-Mart) offering generics for less than $5. As you may remember, Wal-Mart started offering may generic drugs for $4 last fall. Publix has 684 pharmacies in five southeastern states.

The free antibiotics they will be offering are:

  • amoxicillan

  • cephalexin

  • sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim

  • ciprofloxacin

  • penicillin VK

  • ampicillin

  • erythromycin

My first thought was how are they going to make money on this then I thought about the obvious get people in the door. Most people don't go to a pharmacy in a supermarket just to go to the pharmacy; you usually pickup a few more items.

Next time you need generic antibiotics, don't forget about the free one's at Publix.