What am I so mad about?? One of my many cousins...both of my parents have big families...called me up today. I hardly ever talk to this cousin because he's screwed me over in the past. Anyway, that's not why I am mad at him now. . I am mad at him because he called me today and the conversation went like this:

Me: Hello. (he called from a number I wasn't familiar with)
Him: Hey Cuz, wassup?
Me: Nothing much, wassup with you?
Him: Nothing much, I need a favor.
Me: What do you need?
Him: A thousand dollars. (he said it like he was asking for $5 bucks)
Me: (I almost fell out of my chair when he said this) What for?
Him: That's none of your damn business. I just need the money.
Me: (blood pressure rising) So you want to borrow ONE THOUSAND dollars from me and not
expect me to ask you why? Are you out of your damn mind?
Him: Are you going to let me borrow it or not?
Me: Dude, you still owe me fifty bucks from a loan 2 years ago.
Him: Fine, I will pay you back One thousand fifty bucks.
Me: LOL. Like I said before, you are out of your mind.
Him: Are you going to loan me the money or not?
Me: What do you think?
Him: F*ck you! Click........

Can you believe that? Not only does he get mad at me for asking what this huge "loan" is for, he also gets mad because I mention he already owes me money. I am steamed. I see red. I am MAD.

Luckily, he lives over 3 hours away or SingleGuyMoney would be blogging from my local jail.
Ok, maybe not blogging; more like making my one phone call.

So what do you guys think? Did I handle this wrong?


  1. Anonymous // August 13, 2007 at 9:59 PM  

    Hell no,
    I think you did the right thing. Asking for $1-$20 bucks is not that bad but asking for $1000 is almost crazy, if you are working for your money like the next person. Plus he already borrowed $50 bucks, and has not payed it back yet.
    It probably would have been funny if you would have used the F word and hung up on him.
    I don't understand what's wrong with people these days. Some people think money grows on trees.
    Also, I wonder why this guy just calls you and ask for this amount of money. Does he like know how much you have to ask or does he think you are some kind of push over?
    I go through the same thing. It took me about $5000 dollars to learn my lesson. I am still much a giver but it's more like: "I can go to the grocery store and buy the food". And if its over $100 and I don't trust you, my answer is: "Man, I'm broke too".

  2. Anonymous // August 14, 2007 at 1:41 AM  

    A good money lesson that everyone should know - when you loan money out to friends or relatives, do NOT expect to be paid back. There is nothing wrong with the above statement, sometimes people hit a hard patch, and we all need a little help from time to time. But, if you surround yourself with people of high esteem, it will take much more pride to ask for a loan than they'll have capability to pay it back. For people of decent character, this is not something that should be taken lightly. However, once one becomes financially sound, one opens themselves up to many more requests. SingleGuyMoney, you seem to have reached this level. People know you have cash, and they will try to part you from it. You should be pleased that you were able to see the scam in front of you and react accordingly.

    However, please remember to take a little bit of your spare income to give to those less fortunate. Not only will it make society better as a whole, it will also enable you to accept charity if needed (one never knows). I'm absolutely positive that no one of any prominence has gotten to where they were without some help from others.

  3. SingleGuyMoney // August 14, 2007 at 3:05 AM  

    Kay - He, like alot of my family members look at what I have and think I am just rolling in dough. If it was someone that I knew really needed the money for a good reason, I would not hesitate to help.

    Lowman25 - You are absolutely right about loaning money out to family and friends. My wallet closed a long time ago. As far as giving to charity, I totally agree with you. I try to give frequently to one of my favorite charities..Atlanta Community Food Bank. I don't think anyone should have to go hungry.

  4. Dimples // August 15, 2007 at 10:45 PM  

    Ugh!!! Family! Why must they do this to us?? Good for you. That's all I got to say.

  5. Anonymous // August 19, 2007 at 11:43 AM  

    That's why I never loan money to family or friends. If I think they really need the money and I can help, I give them the money. If the reason is not good, I tell them sorry I will not help even if I can.

  6. SavingDiva // August 21, 2007 at 2:09 PM  

    I can't believe the nerve of your cousin! $1k is a lot of money...I'm sorry to hear things went so poorly, but I wouldn't blame yourself. Your cousin was totally out of line!