I cannot believe how hot it has been this week. Right now as I write this post, it is 7 pm est and the temperature is still 100 degrees. Last night, around 10pm, it was still in the 90s. I will probably add an additional $50 to next's months budget for the electricity bill. I have been leaving my A/C on 75 during the day and it seems to be running nonstop. If you are experiencing the extreme heat, do your best to keep cool.

Remember, when dealing with extreme heat:

  • Make sure you stay hydrated!!!! Drink plenty of nonalcoholic beverages.
  • Wear light color and lightweight clothing.
  • Use sunblock if you will be exposed to the sun.
  • Stay inside in the A/C.
  • If you don't have A/C, go to somewhere that does...ie. mall or library.
  • Schedule outdoor activities in the morning when it is cooler.