While reading the Fatwallet forums today, I came across this thread:


I am looking to purchase a parking spot in Chicago for about $10k. (Yes, parking in Chicago runs $10k+ depending on the location) I could probably pay this off in a year, so I'm looking for short term financing. I was thinking along the lines of a HELOC or possibly even a 0% credit card.

What are your thoughts on pros and cons of each? I am leaning towards finding a 0% credit card, and if I can't pay it off in a year, then I can take out a HELOC to finance it at a (hopefully) low rate.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


$10k for a parking spot?? I have never heard of having to pay "extra" for a parking spot. I know when I worked in downtown Atlanta briefly, I had to pay a weekly fee to use the parking deck.
I guess this may be a good deal to the poster but I would have to take a long hard look at where I lived and determine if the additional $10k was worth it.

I will only charge him $5k and he can have my garage!


  1. Dimples // September 27, 2007 at 10:47 PM  

    Ok this parking must be on his balcony with his own personal chauffeur a and detail guy.

    Seriously.....some folks just have too much money on their hands. Too damn much.