I recently opened a Bank of America MyExpression checking and savings account due to the great money market rates (well, they were before the latest rate drops). In doing so, I slowly drained my ING "Electric Orange" account and my checking account with a local bank. I totally forgot about 2 electronic debits I scheduled months ago to come out of the local checking account. The bank paid one of the debits and refused the other. The bank charged a NSF fee for both of the debits.

I'm a little upset about the overdraft fees but I am aware that it was totally my error. I did not feel I should have to pay for the debit that was not paid. I contacted customer service and they agreed to waive the $35 fee for the debit that was not paid.

Tip: If you are changing banks or closing accounts. Make sure ALL transactions have cleared the account to avoid any fees.


  1. Anonymous // September 29, 2007 at 2:50 PM  

    I ran into this very same problem several months ago: Except the bank called and asked me if I wanted the check to be cleared through a savings account I still had there. They saved me $35.00 due to a nice employee. Switching banks can be frustrating.