I posted this question last week and the response was very favorable. I'm thinking of making it a regular weekly post here at SingleGuyMoney. What do you guys think? Should I make this a regular weekly post? One of the reasons I want to do this is by having the viewpoint of thousands of different people, we probably can come up with some pretty good ideas to save money.

This week, I saved money by:

Taking my lunch to work.
Eating out is one of those areas in my budget where I always overspend. I am not a cook and do not cook at home. I figure if I really had to, I probably could. I went out and bought some bread, cheese, chips and a 12 pack of Pepsi. I took my lunch to work 3 days this past week and ate out for lunch 2 days. I only had to pay for 1 day as my boss took me out to lunch one day. Estimated Savings: $25.00

Paying my auto insurance with a credit card.
My auto insurance was up for renewal this month and I had the money saved for this bill in my freedom account. I paid with my credit card that is currently giving me 5% on purchases for three months. I then scheduled a payment from my freedom account to pay off the credit card balance in full. (Note: If you are not able to payoff the credit card balance in full, I do not recommend using this strategy. The finance charges you pay will probably wipe out any savings). Estimated Savings: $87.00 ($42.00 in credit card rewards and $47.00 credit for paying my premium in full).

Did you save money this week? How did you do it?
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  1. Anonymous // January 20, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

    I ate leftovers and out of my pantry, so I didn't need to buy groceries this week. I spent extra on gas this week, but that was expected and budgeted. Even still, I spent less this week than last!

  2. Anonymous // January 20, 2008 at 2:30 PM  

    I SAVED money by changing JOBS;eliminating an 80 miles,round trip,commute!
    I'm now spending $5.00 pw on gas,as opposed to $60.00 pw !!!
    HUGE SAVING...wouldn't you say?

  3. SingleGuyMoney // January 20, 2008 at 4:39 PM  

    *paradigmshifted: That's the key; spending less each week.

    *bridewell: That IS a huge savings. Congratulations and be sure to put the savings toward debt if you have any.