Here are some of the articles I've enjoyed from the M-Network and from my blogroll.

: What to do with the Fed Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate? I plan to add mine to my Freedom Account.
: Flying Like an Eagle. One line in this post really hit home. "Just when you think you're starting to get ahead, another emergency comes along and you are back at the starting line."
Cash Money Life
: What does being frugal mean to you? To me, it means making the best financial decisions I can and not depriving myself.
Gather Little by Little
: Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger. Gibble shows in this post that he is human and makes mistakes like everyone else. The good thing is that he realized his mistake and is working on fixing it.
My Two Dollars
: Look up facts about your neighborhood rentals with Zilpy. The average rent in MTD's hood is $2713!!!! The avg 3 bedroom rent is my area is $1163.

From my blogroll:

Beachgirl's Budget Blog
: Not so single anymore. BeachGirl has a boyfriend now. I think I will have to kick her out of the singles club.
: Pay attention to your insurance bills. Like CleverDude, I recently changed my insurance plan to where I will be paying more out of pocket so I will be sure too look more closely at what I am being billed for.
Dimples' Divine Domain
: It is tax time!! Dimps is looking for an accountant to do her taxes. I probably need one but I will do them myself again this year.
Frugal Bachelor: One-Time Expenses vs. Recurring Expenses. I bought my mattress about 3 yrs ago so I am good for at least the next 5 years.
Give Me Back My Five Bucks
: Positives and negatives of Week 1 in Vancouver.
Growing Money
: New Years Goals for 2008. Better late than never Smarty!
Hustler Money Blog
: Holla at Yo Boi!! Hustler is looking to promote his blog. Be sure to visit for some great hustles.
: Lists the Top Personal Finance Sites by RSS Subscribers. SingleGuyMoney made it in the TOP 50!
No Credit Needed
: Back to the Basics: How to Get Out of Debt.

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  1. Beachgirl // January 28, 2008 at 9:02 AM  

    It's only been 2 weeks, but I guess I'm not technically single anymore. :-)