I received an email from Quicken today. They are running a special that really caught my eye and I thought I'd pass the details along to you guys. I usually don't encourage you to spend money but this time, I'll make an exception.

If you want to get a better handle on your finances and and get a better idea of where your money goes, you should consider the Quicken Personal Money Management Software. Right now, if you purchase and download Quicken Deluxe, Premier or Quicken Home & Business you can also download a free copy of Quicken WillMaker ($79 value).

This actually sounds like a pretty good deal and I may take advantage of it myself. I need to do a better job of managing my rental property expenses so I am looking into the Home & Business version.
Looks like this deal is good thru May 31, 2008.

Use your economic stimulus check to purchase the software and not only will you help to stimulate the economy; you'll also stimulate your finances.