I participated in a couple of Carnivals this week. Thanks to the carnival hosts for doing such a great job.

Money Under 30 hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #152 and included my post, One Year Later-How Have My Finances Changed?

Can I Get Rich on a Salary hosted the Money Hacks Carnival #12 and included my post, I Know Where My Economic Stimulus Check is Going.

Here are some of the articles I've enjoyed from my RSS reader:

Lynnae's Citibank card had a run-in with the hole puncher. Looks like the hole puncher won!
Gather Little by Little tells us that retailers want your economic stimulus money.
Sometimes free isn't really free. Dunkin Donuts was giving away a free coffee but it would have cost PaidTwice money to get it.
Pinyo gives us some excellent tips for protecting yourself against identity theft.
Mrs Micah tells us why it's so important to Dine Out Frugally Without Stiffing on the Tip.
Do you like your job? Plonkee likes hers alot. Here, she gives several reasons why she likes her job.
Frugal Dad gives us instructions on how to Create a Freedom Chart to Map Early Retirement.