Looks like one police department here in metro Atlanta is really feeling the pain of rising gas prices. The City of Holly Springs, GA has already burned through 60% of their fuel budget 2008 and we are only halfway through the year. To help with the budget, the City Council has approved a $12 fee to be added to all speeding tickets and/or moving violations.

The added fee is expected to bring in about $26,000 in revenue for the town. The additional fee is certainly not being taken lightly by the citizens who feel that this is just another way for the government to get in their pockets. The response from Holly Springs Mayor Tim Downing is that "The system is self taxing. If you don't break the law, you don't have to pay the fee".

I'm sure this is a new trend that will probably start sweeping the nation. The City of Atlanta has approved a 13-0 vote on Councilman CT Martin's proposal to add a $10-$15 surcharge for speeding and other moving violations in the city. Mayor Shirley Franklin wants to recover the rising fuel costs without having to raise property taxes.

I'm certainly going to have to be cautious of my speed in both of these areas. I have to go thru Holly Springs to go visit one of my friends and I am in Atlanta all the time on business.

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Source: USA Today
Image Credit: Accordion Chick