This past week has been pretty rough. Due to the holiday this past Monday, I was pretty busy at work and worked 12+ hour days to get caught up. Posting this week has been pretty light and I sincerely apologize. I'll be pretty busy this week too but I don't plan on doing 12 hour days again.

I did participate in several carnivals this week and thank the carnivals hosts for including my posts.

I participated in the Carnival of Debt Reduction #141: Enemies of the Doctor hosted by Consumerism Commentary. My post, Paid Off a Past Financial Mistake - The Car Loan, was included and was chosen as Editor's Choice.

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance #154 hosted by Canadian Dream: Free at 45 included my post, Twelve Year Car Loan.

In other exciting news, Pinyo from Moolanomy has started PF Buzz to highlight the best money and finance articles. Be sure to check it out and add it to your bookmarks.

I'm back in the saddle again and I'll get back to regular posting this week. Be sure to stay tuned to SingleGuyMoney. There will be a special M-Network group project coming this week and I'll be doing another giveaway.