Happy Fathers Day to call the current and soon-to-be fathers! Kick back, relax and enjoy your day!

I participated in 2 Carnivals this week:

PT Money hosted the 156th Carnival of Personal Finance: Songs of Summer and included my post, "Vacation Savings Account".

MoneyNing hosted the Festival of Frugality #129 - Try A Little Harder This Week and included my post, "Teaching A Teen to Save Money".

Thanks to the carnival hosts for including me in the roundup.

I've enjoyed the following posts from my blogroll and I think you will too:

Being Frugal presents several great ideas for Frugal Summer Fun.

Most of the seniors have already had their high school graduations and now it's time for the real world. Cash Money Life presents Financial Advice for the High School Graduate.

Thinking about taking a loan from your 401k? Read this post from Moolanomy first!

MrsMicah gets her first credit card. Read all about it here.

My Two Dollars has an interesting financial change coming July 1. Check it out here.

Plonkee has one of the best secret money saving tricks I've heard in a long time. More people should practice this.

Frugal Dad tells us to Live Frugal, but Stop to Smell the Roses. I totally agree!

The Frugal Duchess presents Saving Money & Energy Around the Home: Tips from Appliance Makers.

No Credit Needed has a reader poll. Just How Much Is 6 Months Worth of Expenses? I've determined that I need $15k for 6 months of expenses but decided I am shooting for 8 months.

Be sure to check out all the great posts above and from any of the links in my blogroll.