I'd like to thank everyone who sent traffic my way in the month of October. If you've referred traffic to me, linked to an article or sent traffic to me in any way, I thank you and it is sincerely appreciated. I'm not able to mention everyone here but even if your site isn't mentioned, I still thank you.

The top 10 blogs that sent traffic to SingleGuyMoney in October are:
1. Fabulous Financials - #1 four months in a row!! You're awesome SingleMa!
2. My Dollar Plan
3. Moolanomy
4. Being Frugal
5. Paid Twice
6. Cash Money Life
7. Mighty Bargain Hunter
8. My Two Dollars
9. Frugal Dad
10. Blogging Away Debt

Total Site Visitors in October:
9,842, down 9.6% from 10,888 in September.
RSS Subscribers as of October 31: 834, up 13.3% from 736 in September.

Top 5 Most Popular Articles in October:
1. Most Reliable Used Cars
2. Being Green and How It Saves You Money
(guest post from Retire @ 40)
3. Another Reason for an Emergency Fund
4. Avoid Those Bank Fees
5. Baby Step 0 - No More Debt

Thank you to all who visit, refer traffic, link to, comment and subscribe to SingleGuyMoney. It is sincerely appreciated.