I've spent most of the morning working on the blog trying to fix a few problems. I think I've managed to correct all of them and everything should be working again. Every since the migration from Feedburner to Google, things have been a little crazy.

Summary Feeds. I realized that those of you reading the blog in RSS form were only getting a summary of the post and a request to visit the blog to read the rest. I've changed this to show the full post. If you need to subscribe to SingleGuyMoney again, you can do so here.

Email Subscriptions. Some emailed me to let me know the option to subscribe to SingleGuyMoney via email was not working correctly. I've fixed this and if you wanted to subscribe via email, you now have that option.

Thanks again for visiting SingleGuyMoney!! If you've never visited, please feel free to look around and then subscribe. :-]

If you see any other problems, feel free to
contact me.