As posted in my prior post, I opened an ING "Electric Orange" checking account last week.
So far the following has happened:

  • Transferred most of my available cash from my local checking account to my Electric Orange account. They only hold funds transferred into the checking account for 2 business days.

  • Setup Billpay

  • Updated my new account information on all the bills I pay electronically.

  • Transferred my direct deposit. Got paid today and that was deposited and available immediately.

  • Received my checkcard today. Still need to get my pin to use the card. Should be sent within the next few days.

  • Checked out the Allpoint website to locate free ATMs in my area. There are 340 within 50 miles of my zip and one right up the street at a 24 hr gas station.

I see they are now offering $25 to open a new Electric Orange account with a minimum of $250. Again, if you wish to get a free $25 and open a great new checking and savings account, email me here. I just need your name and email address and ING will send you an email on how to open the account. I do not get any details on your account and I will not sell your email address.