My business trip has been completed and I am back home. For me, I am always excited about leaving for a trip but I am even more excited about coming home. I posted the other day about "Temptation is ALL around me" and I had a temporary moment of weakness. I appreciate all the emails and words of encouragement helping me to remember what is important. I did do a little bit of shopping but the result wasn't too bad. The were a couple of stores that had really good clearance sales so I was able to pickup a few items I needed. Here is what I ended up spending:

  • Old Navy Outlet - 1 pair of pants $21.59
  • Haggar Outlet - 4 shirts $42.27 (they had most of the shirts marked down to $10 each)
  • Eddie Bauer Outlet - Airplane travel bag $14.99 (has wheels and a handle).

Total Spending: $78.85

I was actually able to save a little money because the company paid for all my expenses. The hotel provided breakfast so I did not have to spend any money for that. Lunch and dinner were all paid for by my company. I have a $15 limit for lunch and a generous $40 limit for dinner. I figure this is what I saved:

  • Lunch - Avg spending of $9/day for 5 days = $45 (gotta start bringing my lunch to work)
  • Dinner -I may go out to dinner a couple of days with friends. Avg spending $30. I don't do this every week.
  • Breakfast - There was not a McDonald's close enough for me to get cheaper iced coffee so I probably would have gone to the Starbucks right next door. $4.25/day for 5 days = $21.25.

Total Savings: $96.25

I figure even though I did spend a little money, I was actually able to come out on the positive side by about $17. Not much but I did not cause any major financial damage.

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