Thanksgiving has come and gone and now I am munching on the delicious leftovers. I made sure I packed enough food to last me for at least a couple of days.

First, I would like to give THANKS to my readers. I just realized I hit over 10,000 readers on yesterday. I know this is a small number compared to some of the personal finance blogs out there, but this is huge for me. Thank you so much for reading and following my blog. I hope by following my personal finance journey, it will help you with your own personal finances. I also thank you for all the comments and emails with words of encouragement. If you have not signed up for the RSS feed, you can do so here. It's totally free and you will be notified of the newest posts here at SingleGuyMoney.

I am also starting a new regular feature for the blog. Every Friday, I will have a "Free Money Friday" post highlighting a few of the best bank or credit card bonuses. Even though it's Saturday, here's a sample of what you will find.

  • Chase Bank - $100 bonus for opening a Free Checking Account with direct deposit. This is good if you have a local Chase bank branch. If you do not have a local Chase Bank, you can still open an account online and get a $75 bonus. Click here for the offer.
  • Wells Fargo Bank - $50 bonus for opening a Free Checking Account. Details are here.

I look forward to celebrating when I reach 20,000 readers.

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