Lynnae at was picked on to share the progress of her 2008 financial goals. Since she got picked on, she decided to pass the love on to me. Luv ya Lynnae!

How have I done with my 2008 financial goals? If you need a refresher of the list of my goals, click here.
  1. Pay an additional $200 towards the principal of my car loan in order to decrease the balance to below $20,000. I was partially sucessful on this one. I'd $200 allocated in the budget but had to move $50 to another category. I was able to pay an additional $150 towards the principal. Next month, I have budgeted $250 to make up the difference.
  2. Increase Net Worth to $75k. This one is way too early to call. Check back later in the year.
  3. Increase Freedom Account Balance to $5000. Close, so very close, after the additional $1500 I added, I made it up to $4700. I should be able to meet or exceed this goal by next month.
  4. Increase Rental Property Account to $1500.00. Done!!
  5. Decrease non-mortgage debt to below $40k. Working on it!! Don' think this one will be a problem.
  6. Increase all 3 credit scores to 720+. I am so close with TU, Experian is being a pain and Equifax has exceeded my expectations.

I won't tag anyone but feel free leave a comment on your financial goal progress. For those of you that are procrastinating on starting your taxes, get to it. Here are a few software programs to help you.

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  1. Anonymous // February 2, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

    Great progress on the goals! You're doing better than I am!

    Which reminds me....I should be reading. Where does the time go? I need a 48 hour day!

  2. Anonymous // February 3, 2008 at 1:52 AM  

    Your rental property progress is a very inspiring goal for myself as well. I'm still a long ways from that but I hope to become a slum lord too one day...just kidding...I mean a regular landlord. :)

  3. Anonymous // February 5, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

    Do you use a service to constantly track your credit score? Which one?

    I can't seem to find anything available that runs under $20/month. Seems kind of counteractive when my net worth is blood red. :)