It's a beautiful Sunday here in Atlanta. I'm hanging out on my deck, reading a book and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully, you are having a great day wherever you are.

Here are some great posts I've enjoyed this week and want to share with you if you haven't seen them already.

From the M-Network:

What women wish men knew about money
Roth vs Traditional IRA @ Cash Money Life.
Credit Card Companies - They really are out to get you @ Gather Little by Little. They are trying to get me back into credit card debt. Read about it here. I can tell you one thing. IT AIN'T HAPPENING.
I can't wait to Stimulate the Economy @ Paid Twice.
Got My Verizon Free TV and Wished I Could Do It All Over @ Moolanomy
5 Frugal Ways to Make Your Valentine Swoon @ My Two Dollars
How much money to keep in your main account? @ Plonkee Money. This post encouraged me to look at my own setup and make some changes.

From my blogroll:

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft @ Christian PF. You may also want to check out LifeLock.
Ways to Save Money @ CleverDude.
I did my own taxes @ Dimples' Divine Domain.
Do you believe in Valentines Day? @ Give Me Back My Five Bucks. Even if I was in a relationship, I wouldn't buy into all the hype. Why can't you show your significant other love all through the year?
List of Class Action Settlements @ Hustler Money Blog. Check it out and see if you are owed money.
New Years Resolutions @ My Dollar Plan. Madison got around to posting her 2008 goals. Better late than never. :-)
What is $6,992? @ Rocket Finance. Head on over to Rocket Finance to find the answer.
10 Classes to Boost Earning & Savings Power @ The Frugal Duchess.

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