I just finished paying my bills for the first half of the month and I may have my first positive month of 2008; if the market cooperates. Right now, my networth has increased about 2.5% month to date. Most of the gain can be contributed to a couple of things.

  • Managed Spending. I pulled in the reins a little this month on my spending. I've been saving a bunch of money by not eating out everyday at lunch.
  • Another Bonus. I had my performance review a couple of weeks ago and I was given a small cash bonus in addition to a salary increase.
  • Salary Increase. My increase in salary will be effective this month. This should net me an additional $150 - $200 a month after taxes.

I'm still down about $3-4k in my 401k but it's slowly trying to creep back up. My brokerage account is down about 11% with no signs of recovery any time soon.

How is your financial month looking right now? Will you have an increase, decrease or will you stay about the same?

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  1. Debt Dieter // February 11, 2008 at 8:23 PM  

    I get paid on Friday so will have to run my numbers then, but I'm expecting some money back in this month from my security deposit, a dividend cheque and some unclaimed work expenses which should help.