I'd like to thank everyone who sent traffic my way in the month of July. If you've referred traffic to me, linked to an article or sent traffic to me in any way, I thank you and it is sincerely appreciated. I'm not able to mention everyone here but even if your site isn't mentioned, I still thank you.

The top 10 blogs that sent the most traffic to SingleGuyMoney in July are:

1. Fabulous Financials
2. Frugal Dad
3. Moolanomy
4. Mrs Micah
5. Being Frugal
6. NCN Blog
7. Paid Twice
8. Cash Money Life
9. Frugal Bachelor
10. Today's Budget

Total Site Visitors in July: 9,596

RSS Subscribers as July 31, 2008: 687, up from 641 in June. If you haven't subscribed to SingleGuyMoney, you can do so here.

Top 5 Most Popular Articles in July:

1. If I Had Known Then What I Know Now
2. Most Reliable Used Cars
3. 10 Tips to Stretch Your Healthcare Dollar
4. Paid Off Debt and Credit Score Decreased
5. Increasing Credit Scores

Thanks again to everyone who refers traffic, visits and comments on SingleGuyMoney. Please visit often and tell all of your friends.


  1. Anonymous // August 4, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

    Hey Checked out the Increase Credit Score link you posted. I must say thank you! I've been looking for ways to do this and that article opened my eyes.