I failed to complete a site review in November or December so I apologize to everyone who sent traffic to the site. I plan to do a better job in 2009 of doing a monthly site review and give credit to my fellow bloggers who send traffic to SingleGuyMoney.

I am excited about the possibilities for SingleGuyMoney in 2009. I look to continue to improve and grow the blog. One of my blog goals for 2009 is to increase RSS subscribers to 1500. As of this post, I have 891.

Hmmm, a 41% increase is a big challenge but with your help, I am confident it can be done. Tell all of your family and friends to subscribe to SingleGuyMoney. :-)

If you've referred traffic to the site, linked to a post, or sent traffic in any way, I appreciate it.

The top 10 blogs that sent traffic to SingleGuyMoney in December are:

Fabulous Financials - SingleMa is always at the top of the list!!
Being Frugal
My Dollar Plan
4. Budgets are Sexy
Paid Twice
7. NCN Blog
Frugal Duchess
Cash Money Life
Frugal Bachelor

Total Site Visitors in December
: 10,696
RSS Subscribers as of December 31, 2008
: 890

Top 5 Most Popular Articles in December:

Most Reliable Used Cars
2. 2009 Financial Goals

3. SingleGuyMoney Savings Challenge

4. 2008 Financial Goals - How did I do?
5. Helping a Friend Organize Her Finances

Thank you to all who visit, refer traffic, link to, comment and subscribe to SingleGuyMoney. It is sincerely appreciated.

Do you know how much cash you spent last month?


  1. Anonymous // January 7, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

    Awww yeah!! Budgets are Sexy is climbing up there :) You know i have love for SingleGuyMoney...gotta keep those people signing up!