How can I pay less for this? That's a question you can ask yourself when it comes to any purchase, big or small. You can apply this question to just about anything you spend your money on. The economy is slowly improving but it never hurts to save money whenever you can; no matter what the state of the economy. It never makes sense to pay more than you have to.

I've recently started to apply this method of thinking when I go shopping for those everyday items I use all the time. I tend to buy the same products each and every month; especially when it comes to toiletries. I know how much my deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc, should cost. I also know that by shopping around a little, I can usually save money those purchases. If I can find a sale, I'll pick up enough to last for awhile.

By doing a little research, I've learned which stores usually have the lowest prices on the items that I need. Experience has taught me that by purchasing the previously mentioned items from a discount store (Wal-Mart, Target), it will cost less than if I bought them from a grocery store.

Another way to save money on those everyday items is to cut coupons. I subscribe to the Sunday paper for the main reason of getting the coupons. Sometimes, I can find a bunch of coupons for the items I need and sometimes, I don't find any. Overall, I would say that I usually save anywhere from $25 - $30 per month by using coupons. Recently, I've started to find the coupons I need online.

Although saving $25 - $30 by using coupons and shopping around is nice, it probably won't have a major impact on your finances. The major savings will come from shopping around on those big ticket items.

Think about your next vehicle purchase. Taking a little time to shop around and do a little research, you can save thousands of dollars. If you were to purchase 10 cars over your lifetime and save an average of $2500 per vehicle, you would save over $25,000. If you were to invest $25,000 in a mutual fund earning 8%, you'd have over $275,000 after 30 years.

The next time you make a purchase; whether it is big or small, take a moment to ask yourself, “how can I pay less for this”?


  1. Jenna // July 15, 2010 at 3:22 PM  

    Using Twitter and other social media websites it's pretty easy to find discounts. And a quick Google search can do wonders. Or stocking up on items that you know you are going to be using for awhile when it's on sale is always good.