cheap dorm room decorationMost dorm rooms are on the basic side and all you'll usually get is the bare minimum in terms of furniture and decoration. They tend to be impersonal but putting your own stamp on the place can quickly become a challenge for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there's the all-important money issue. Most students are not exactly rolling in dough and are unlikely to have the funds to spend on decking out a dorm room. Secondly, there's the space aspect to consider too. Dorm rooms are invariably rather small and don't lend themselves to hosting much more than the furniture that is already there, so this is something to bear in mind when you're deciding how to furnish a dorm room. Here are some tips for giving a dorm room the personal touch, even when money isn't plentiful:

Spread the word. Before you head off to college, make everyone that you know aware that you're on the lookout for affordable dorm furniture. Chances are that someone will have at least one item that they'd be happy for you to take off their hands, if not for free then for a cheap price. Note: Some college dorms will be 100% furnished so make sure you look into this before you invest in any furniture, though often there will always be at least a few things you will need to add.

Look for bargains. Even if you're not restricted by budget, the open nature of most dorm rooms means that it doesn't make sense to fill your space out with expensive items that could potentially be trashed or stolen. Check local classified adverts for second-hand bargains or even look around the campus to see if anyone is looking to offload their own dorm furniture. Looking on eBay and Craigslist are other options. For the latter, you can always post your own advertisement as well as see what's being offered by others.

Throw a dorm shower. This works in much the same way as a bridal shower or baby shower in that guests bring gifts. In this case, the gifts would be the kind of things that you'll need to take with you to college. Throwing a dorm shower can be a great way to receive bedding, dishes and other items that can soon bump up the costs.

Buy functional items. Because space is usually tight in your average dorm room, there may be literally no scope in either the room itself or your budget for stuff that doesn't serve a specific purpose. Some of the practical things that you'll probably want to get include rugs (to make the room look more cozy and to cover up cold floors or carpets that have seen better days), a dorm fridge (which can often be rented on campus), a futon (this can be very space-saving if there's not enough room for a bed and a couch as it can double a both) and bookshelves (somewhere to store your many textbooks while you're a student!).

When it comes to filling a dorm room, there's no need for brand new furniture. You can easily create a comfortable and homely environment with used furniture, and your wallet will certainly thank you for it! Second-hand items may not be exactly what you're after but you can always customize them to your own tastes.

(photo credit: prayitno)


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